Incident Report for Deep the Game
From today (April 1st, 2021), all Deep game servers are no longer in service.

This includes the following branches:
Steam API Server
- The player’s Steam profile avatar and/or display name won’t load.
- The player’s information that was used for personalization (currency, language, etc.) won’t be accessible and will display the normalized data. (The game never collected any data, it just used the temporarily accessed data to customize the game experience for that session.)
- DLC sale information won’t synchronize in the game.
- The MOTD that appeared under the title on the main menu won’t update.
- Limited-time seasonal events won’t activate.

All other gameplay features and features related to Steam (like Workshop, Survive Leaderboards, etc.) will continue to work normally.
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Posted Apr 01, 2021 - 00:08 CEST
This incident affects: Steam API and Database.